The Lake

Bossard is over 450 years old.

Lake Bossard

Bossard is a stunning 23 acre Lake set in 500 acres of forest in the Champagne Ardenne region of France. The Lake is over 450 years old and completely surrounded with very mature trees and has depths ranging from 3ft to 12ft. There are 4 doubles and 9 single swims cut naturally into the tree line.
With 17 swims in total and only 10 anglers on the lake at any one time, there are always free swims available for you to move if you find you are not on the fish. (We will be happy to help you move with our 4x4 quad.)
There are plenty of features to fish to including two islands and carp to over 71lb have been caught.
Each swim has been cut naturally into the tree line.

There are NO poisson chat, catfish or weed in  Bossard. 

What's included with Bossard

  • Carp weighing over 71lb
  • Luxury fisherman's lodge
  • Permanently staffed by English bailiffs
  • Hot showers and toilets
  • 3 decades of carp fishing experience
  • Maximum of 10 anglers on 23 acres
  • Free walkie-talkie hire
  • Secure car parking behind each swim


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