Fish Stock

At present Bossard now holds 400 Carp to over 74lb.



1 Mirror , 2 Common

3x 60lb+ Mirror
1x 60lb+ Common
35+ 50lb+ Mirrors / Commons
6x 50lb+ Grass Carp
120x 40lb+ Mirrors and Commons
Mirrors and Commons
120x 20lb+ Mirrors & Commons
1 x Marble Carp to over 100lbs 

I feel I have enough big fish coming through now, as last season we had a lot of 45 to 49lb fish, so I am hoping we should have a few more 50lb+ fish for the 2020 season, Then looking forward to 2020 where I expect a lot of new 60lb+ fish to be gracing the bank. 

I feel some weeks the anglers can stuggle due to not putting enough bait in and the carp reverting back to nautrals which makes them more difficult to catch.  I recommend anglers to bring a minimum of 30-40Kgs of boiles for a weeks session. 

Good luck if you are coming to Bossard.

Have a great trip!

Tight lines,


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