Fish Stock

At present Bossard now holds 450 carp to over 70lb.



1 Mirror , 1 Common

3x 60lb+ Mirror
1x 65lb+ Common
2x 50lb+ Commons
12x 50lb+ Mirror
100x 40lb Mirrors and Commons
Mirrors and Commons
200x 20lb+ Mirrors & Commons
25 grass carp to just over 50lb


75 carp to 45-06lb
Nearly all the fish I stocked in 2011 were over the 30lb mark. I've had these fish for the previous 5 years since being purchased as C3's. So these fish were very young for their size and have settled down very quickly.

I feel I have enough big fish coming through now, as last season we had a lot of 45 to 49lb fish so I am hoping we should have a few more 50lb+ fish for the 2015 season. (We will know how many when we net in November 2014- look out for the update).  Also these fish have helped reduce the natural food level in the lake. I feel some weeks the carp get very pre-occupied with the naturals in the lake and some of the anglers can struggle.

It is very hard to estimate the right stocking level as all lakes are different I have never wanted a runs water and it's a fine line in getting it right.

Too many fish and you have a runs water where the fish are dependent on the anglers bait! (Thats not carp fishing to me!). Not enough fish and the carp revert back to the naturals and become harder to catch. (Now thats carp fishing!). My anglers know that Bossard is not a runs water, but I still want them to catch and have a great holiday.

Good luck if you are coming to Bossard.

Have a great trip!

Tight lines,


November 2014 Netting Video

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