Fishery Rules

Bossard is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty set in 500 acres of prime forest in the Champagne Ardenne region of France.

It's important that all our anglers and guests respect this environment and the lake inhabitants. To save any embarrassment or potential misunderstanding the following rules apply at Bossard.

  1. No braided mainline, or lead core. 
  2. Rig tubing must be used at all times.
  3. Minimum mainline 15lb.
  4. Maximum hook link 20lb.
  5. No nuts, particle or preserved baits.
  6. Micro barbed hooks only Minimum Size 4.
  7. No bent or longshank hooks.
  8. No fixed leads only safety rigs utilising a proper lead discharge system are to be used. Rig checks are mandatory and can happen at any time.
  9. When fishing the snags you MUST use a minimum of 4oz leads and fish locked up, rock solid if in doubt please ask.  Steve recommends the use of  leads of 8 to 12 ozs when fishing tight to the snags.
  10. 'Unhooking mats' (provided by usMUST be used when preparing fish for weighing and photographing.
  11. All fish MUST be weighed on a weigh post or tripod only in the provided Recovery Sling.  (Weigh posts are provided in every swim).
  12. Please treat the fish with respect!  Keep handling time to a minimum when weighing and taking photographs of your fish. Any fish caught over 40lbs you MUST contact Steve or a Bailiff on the provided Walkie Talkie before returning so that we can take photographs for our records, this is anytime day or night. Please return your fish as soon as possible at any other time.
  13. No sacking of fish is allowed, sacks are not allowed on site not even in your car.  Anglers may keep the fish in the provided recovery sling in the water for short time where assistance is required for taking photographs. If you're caught with a sack you will be asked to leave the fishery.
  14. Bait Boats are permitted but PLEASE respect neighbouring anglers.
  15. Absolutely NO LITTER, this includes cigarette butts on the floor. Use the ash trays and bins provided.
  16. Maximum of three rods only and they MUST NOT to be left unattended at any time.
  17. Please use the toilets provided on site. Defecating around the lake will not be tolerated, please don't pee in your swims.
  18. You are on holiday, by all means have a drink and enjoy yourself but don't spoil it for others.
    DRUNKEN BEHAVIOUR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!   Anyone deemed to be incapable to fish through drunkenness or drug abuse will be prohibited from fishing until such time as determined by the Lake Staff.  This is for your own and fish safety.
  19. No driving around the lake once you have bivvied up, except when moving swims.
  20. Under 16's are only allowed to fish with a maximum of 2 rods, and to fish with an adult at all times on a double swim.
  21. If you get snagged and are unsure of what to do - call Steve or the on-site Bailiff - they will review and advise best way to resolve it for you.
  22. All fish must be un-hooked in the water i.e. quick links, cut hook link etc. as more mouth and scale damage occurs in the net!
  23. Korda GOO is banned from use on this Lake

Any angler not respecting these rules, fish, environment, fellow anglers or fishery staff will be asked to leave the fishery... with no refund!

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